Best of Glamping in California – The Ultimate Bucket List

Glamping in California is the best place to start any travel journey. It’s meant to bring you out of your comfort zone, daily routine, and stressful life. It’s a fine way to connect back to nature without losing the comfort of the modern lifestyle. This is who the list is for. Someone who loves nature and camping but gave it a new twist.

The idea behind this was to find places that were not overcrowded, offered amazing experiences, and were in California. As a starting point, we looked for resorts that had glamping tents.

They were taken into account when making this bucket list. Glamping in California is a trendy subject. That’s why we wanted to start with Big Sur Glamping destinations and add more from all over California. All the destinations on the list offer luxury, diverse accommodation, different amenities, and most importantly dining options. That way you can find the best glamping option for your liking.

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Treebones – Glamping In California

Treebones Big Sur Glamping - Autonomous Tents
Image source: Treebones Resort

It’s one of a kind, Big Sur glamping spot. Located on the coast of California in the amazing Big Sur, Treebones offers a unique experience. Spacious glamping yurts and luxuries Autonomous Tents packed with amenities. Art form accommodations such as the Human Nest and Twig Hut for unique glamping. Yoga, massages, and awesome dining with a view. Open sky for stargazing and immense coastal views for relaxation. A lot of adventure trips, visits to iconic sites, and a vast number of hiking trails to explore. All you need to relax from your daily routine and your way of life. The perfect getaway in any sense.

  • luxury experiences
  • Unique glamping tents
  • Awsome dining
  • Ton of activities
  • Coastal view

This is why Treebones Resort is one of the best glamping spots in California. 

Be sure to check our post Treebones – Glamping In Big Sur With A Unique Style for in-depth information on the resort.

Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Big Sur - Glamping Tent
Image source: Treebones Resort

A starting point to Big Sur glamping. Offers amazing glamping tents packed with amenities. Lavish cozy beds, storage, towels, blankets, electrical heater, firepit, picnic table, deck, and fresh cold / hot water on the tents. The Airstream for snacks, coffee, drinks, and other daily needs. Big Sur Smokehouse for impeccable service and smoky delights. Stargazing and local walks are part of the activities. Don’t forget your hiking equipment. Big Sur has a lot of hiking trails and coastal scenery for exploration. Make your glamping at its finest.

  • Camping and glamping tents
  • Redwood trees to enjoy
  • Great dining
  • Ton of activities

It’s definitely one of the best places to start your Big Sur glamping experience. Some nice glamping tents, Redwood trees, and an unforgettable outdoor experience. Ventana glamping is right there for you. Plz, check out Ventana Big Sur Glamping – Is it worth it? for more in-depth info.

Fernwood Resort

Authentic Glamping In California - Best Of Fernwood Resort - Tent Cabins
Image source: Treebones Resort

Diverse California glamping experience. Fernwood is a combo of diverse accommodation and a variety of hiking activities. A couple of miles north of Ventana, Fernwood lies nestled between the Redwood trees and Big Sur River. It offers various accommodations. It ranges from tent cabins, adventure tents, camping, forest cabins, and a motel. Easy access to popular hiking trails and many more in close proximity. Friendly service, fine ambient, and tasty dining. The Bar and Grill is an amazing dining place. A popular place to dine, hang out with friends and enjoy the comfort of the massive redwoods. Hiking is probably the main reason to consider this resort.

  • Close hiking trails
  • Diverse accommodation
  • Great dining
  • Redwood trees 

Like the other glamping destinations, Fernwood Resort has a lot of amenities and activities to offer. If you want to hike and glamp then look no further. Fernwood Resort is here to offer an amazing experience. Don’t forget to check out Authentic Glamping In California – The Amazing Fernwood Resort for more in-depth info.

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