Authentic Glamping In California – The Amazing Fernwood Resort

Fernwood resort is the go-to destination for glamping in California. Diverse accommodation, staggering hiking trails, astonishing dining, and breathtaking scenery. 

These are some of the reasons why Fernwood resort should be on your glamping bucket list. Let’s glamp in for another Big Sur glamping adventure.

Table of content:

Authentic Glamping In California - Best Of Fernwood Resort - Tent Cabins
Image source: Fernwood Camping and Resort

1. How to get to Fernwood Big Sur Glamping 

Glamping in California – From the north

2 hours and 40 minutes of drive time if you are coming from San Francisco. 

Glamping in California – From the south

.5 hours and 30 minutes from LA. If you have visited Ventana Big Sur Glamping then you are nearby. Fernwood is 3.4 miles north of Ventana on the left side of the road.. 

2. Parking

Parking is provided next to your cabin or Adventure tent. Down the road, you go until you get to the check-in cabin. You get instruction and from there you’ll drive to your spot. Tent Cabins and Adventure Tents are on the right side. 

3. Accommodation and Amenities

Tent Cabins

If you have been glamping in California before, you will spot the difference. Tent cabins are closer to camping than glamping. When you get to your tent cabin you are greeted with a firepit and a lovely sturdy picnic table. The inside of the Tent cabin is down to basics. 

Authentic Glamping In California - Best Of Fernwood Resort - Adventure Tents
Image source: Fernwood Camping and Resort

Adventure Tents

It’s an upgrade from the Tent Cabins. It offers a queen-size bed, electric heater, bath towels, and some other amenities. The limit is 2 people per glamping tent and no pets are allowed. It’s definitely a true glamping experience.

4. Activities


There are plenty of hiking activities around. Here is a small checklist for you.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Offers a lot of fun and hiking. Here is a list of some of the hiking trails it stores.

Buzzard’s Roost Trail – moderate hiking trail with 4.8 miles round trip. Filled with redwoods, oaks, and bay trees. Nice trail that has a lot to offer.

Pfeiffer Falls Trail – Easy hiking trail with 1.4 miles roundtrip from the trailhead. The Crown jewel of the trip is the 60-foot high waterfall. Nice hiking experience and rewarding scenery.

Valley View – Easy 2 miles roundtrip from the trailhead. Has to offer a pleasant experience and nice views of Big Sur Valley.

Oak Grove Trail – Easy to moderate 3 miles roundtrip. It intersects with the Pfeiffer Falls Trail. It is filled with redwood groves and open oak woodlands.

Mount Manuel Trail – Hard and demanding trail with steep climbs. 8 miles roundtrip challenge to the Manuel Peak for the more experienced ones.

Andrew Molera State Park

The park is a couple of miles north of Fernwood. It’s a hiking and beachcombing destination. The best part is the close proximity. Bike rides or short car drives are adecvate to get you there.

Creamery Meadow to Molera Beach – easy 2 miles round trip filled with awesome views. 

Molera – moderate 8 miles roundtrip. Offers a great coastal and beach view.

East Molera Trail – easy 3.2 mile round trip. Offers Big Sur valley views and a coastal oak hiking experience.

River Loop Trail – 4 mile loop. Offers some new experiences and Big Sur river views.

5. Be prepared and equipped.

Warm clothing is a must. Hiking equipment is required if you love the activity. Come prepared.

Here is a small summary:

  • Flashlights
  • Hiking boots and equipment
  • Wood for the fire pit
Authentic Glamping In California - Best Of Fernwood Resort - Dining
Image source: Fernwood Camping and Resort

6. Dining

Fernwood Big Sur glamping offers a tasty dining experience. The tavern is a popular lunch and dinner dish spot. They make some nice drinks, have great food, and most importantly PIZZA. The Bar and Grill is awesome. A nice atmosphere and friendly service are a great addition to the tavern. Another one is the back deck. Have lunch, hang out with friends and enjoy the presence of the redwood giants. Perfect dining experience.

7. Pricing

Tent Cabins

Pricing for Tent Cabins ranges from $130 – $210. The cost is based on availability and the number of guests.

Adventure Tents Glamping

Adventure Tents are true glamping in California experience. The price is from 175.00 – $230 plus tax per night. 2 people is the max and pets are not allowed. The pricing is subject to change. Check with Fernwood Big Sur before making any reservations.

Motel pricing can vary from $180 – $235 per night. Cost is based on availability, room style, and the number of guests. Pricing for Forest cabins ranges from $290.00 – $400.00 depending on availability and number of guests.

Camping can vary from $50 – $125 per night depending on availability and amenities.

Note: Fernwood Big Sur has the right to change the price of their service. Additional costs may also apply. Check with Fernwood Big Sur before making any kind of arrangements. 

Should you consider it?

Yes. The main reason is diversity. Diverse accommodations, astonishing dining, and a lot of hiking activity.

Be a part of the glamping tribe. Check out Fernwood Big Sur Resort or visit Treehouse Secret for more Glamping and Treehouse related content.

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