Yoki Treehouse Rental – Best of Cypress Valley Resort

Yoki brings the treehouse experience to new heights. It’s not only one of the best treehouses in Texas but the whole US. Spacious bathroom with tub, industrial shower, and toilet. Sturdy suspension bridge and two-level decks for pure enjoyment. Spacious minimalist living room and bedroom packed with a lot of amenities.

Let’s dive in-depth and find out why Yoki is one of the best treehouse rentals in Texas.

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How to get there?

3 and a half hours from Dallas, an hour and 45 min from San Antonio. Only an hour of drive time from Austin, which makes Yoki treehouse the perfect destination for a quick getaway.

Parking at Yoki Treehouse?

Every accommodation at Cypress Valley has its own parking. All tree houses have access roads and this treehouse rental is no exception. That is a good thing since Yoki is furthest from all the treehouses Cypress Valley has to offer.


Yoki treehouse rental - bathroom
Image source: Airbnb

The bathroom is the first thing you see when you arrive at the parking. On the entrance, right of the suspension bridge stands as a separate unit of its own.

You open the door and the hot tub bath is the first thing that comes in sight. Positioned on the left of the entrance, next to the tall windows. The tub is spacious and can change the lighting. The ambiance can be set according to your mood. A magnificent way to enjoy the view of the treehouse while relaxing. 

On the opposite side of the entrance facing towards is the modern sink with a huge round mirror. The right side is split into two sections. On one hand, there is a toilet and on the other a shower with an industrial feel. All necessities for a perfect relaxing getaway.

The bridge and decks

Yoki treehouse rental - lower deck
Image source: Airbnb

The only entrance to the treehouse is the 60-foot sturdy suspension bridge. It has a long line of lights on top for a better crossing. The Yoki treehouse is on a lower level of the bathroom. Once you cross the bridge you reach the roof platform. From the spiral staircase, you access the lower deck and treehouse entrance. Two chairs on the lower deck for an awesome view of old cypress trees and the creek. Great place to enjoy your coffee and stargaze in the glowing night. Bringing a child’s memory back to life.

Yoki Treehouse

Yoki treehouse rental
Image source: Airbnb

Enter to find a minimalist but modern space. Sofa with a small wooden coffee table in front. Lovely rounded marble table with modern chairs behind. Comfy bean bag in the corner and a loft bed on the right. Small kitchen area with a fridge and a minimalist shelf on the left. The kitchenette is equipped with an electric kettle, plates, utensils, and glassware. All necessities are provided to improve your dining experience.

Yoki treehouse - kitchenette
Yoki treehouse - bedroom
Image source: Airbnb

Following onward and you are greeted with the bedroom. Minimalist and simplistic approach. King size bed dominates the space and provides a luxurious feel. A chair in the corner. Storage dresser and drawer on the opposite side of the room. An air conditioner on top of the bedroom entrance. Last but not least, a double door for more privacy if required.

Everything is summarized in a couple of words. Simple and functional. 


The farm offers a great chance to see the American Bison. The herd is on-site and a must-see venture. Just make sure to follow the property rules and guidelines when doing so.

Another interesting location is the lake. It was built for retaining water and to serve the needs of the herd. Now it’s a fulfilling activity for the visitors. Swimming and lake jumping is a great pass-time for treehouse guests.

The lakeside pool is another great addition Cyprus Valley has to offer. Ideal for chilling out and enjoying the hot summer. It makes it the go-to pass-time activity.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours is designed to bring some unique experience while staying at some of the treehouses. Ziplines is one of them. It’s challenging both mentally and physically but it’s a lot of fun. Just hope you are not altitude sick.

Social activities

Cypress Valley is an ideal place for gatherings of any sort. The amazing merge of nature and treehouses makes it an ideal spot for a wedding, family, or corporate event.


Pricing starts from $625 for weekdays and $675 for weekends. Max 3 guests can be accommodated. It is pricy but luxurious and lavish. 

Should you consider it?

Depends on your budget. If you are into treehouses and visited a lot of treehouse rentals in Texas and the US then yea. It’s a great treehouse to add to your bucket list.

If you are just starting i would say NO. The high cost is the main factor for this conclusion. Try out some more budget-friendly options first. This way you can explore what they offer without breaking the bank.

I hope you liked the info. Plz check out Yoki – Cypress Valley for more information or visit Treehouse Secret for more treehouse and glamping-related content

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