7 Treehouse Rentals in Alabama – Top Picks In 2022

Add some pristine nature, a bunch of southern hospitality, a couple of cabins in the trees, and lots of love. Mix it all together and you get the Best treehouse rentals in Alabama.

Alabama shines with its beauty of pristine woodland and gorgeous fields. Nestled in that staggering natural beauty are some of the best treehouse rentals in the US. Couples or family, there is something for everyone to enjoy at.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Alabama treehouse rentals, and what they have to offer.

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1. WANDERLUST TREEHOUSE – Best of Romantic Treehouse Rentals in Alabama

Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Wanderlust Treehouse
Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Wanderlust Treehouse Interior
Crane Hill treehouse – Alabama treehouse – image source: Airbnb

Location: Crane Hill, AL
Accommodation: 2 guests
Price: $350 per night
Bathtub: Yes

Hidden in the treetops of a vast secluded private property is the gem of all treehouse rentals in Alabama. Welcome to The Wanderlust Treehouse.

With magnificent nature trails and a small pond, the property feels like an art piece from a fantasy world.

Outdoor stone firepit with cozy wooden knitted chairs, and swing bed underneath the tree house. Amazing outdoor shower with 2 shower sections of industrial built quality. Quiet and secluded, it’s nothing but relaxing, enjoying the moment and observing the magnificent sky.

The first thing that greets you at this magic treehouse cabin are the carved vintage entrance doors. Modern, compact luxury treehouse with lots of design elements. White dominates the open space while orange/light brown and black add a polished touch to the living space. The lovely living room is very bright and appeals to the eye. 

And last but not least, an alluring white cozy bathtub for a perfect treehouse getaway.

A swinging bridge connects the lovely patio. Comes equipped with a cooler, grill, and lovely round table with chairs. Without a doubt, the ideal spot for observing pristine nature while enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee.

This treehouse getaway is ideal for couples, honeymoons, or spending time with someone you love. So if you are looking for a romantic treehouse getaway, the Wanderlust Treehouse is the right choice for you.

2. T-Town Treehouse – Best of Modern Treehouse Rentals In Alabama

Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - T-Town Treehouse
Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - T-Town Treehouse
Tuscaloosa treehouse – Alabama treehouse – image source: Airbnb

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $190 per night
Bathtub: No

This amazing Alabama treehouse is right next to Lake Tuscaloosa and just at close range from downtown. It is a unique and modern treehouse rental with an interesting shape and plenty of amenities.

You access the astounding Alabama treehouse by a vast sturdy wooden bridge. At the end, the structure morphs into a reasonably sized deck with some chairs and a table.

The inside of the treehouse is simple and functional. Wooden floors and walls with an interesting round wood beam structure topped with modern design elements. A decent size bathroom with a sink, large mirror, toilet, and lovely shower. One hidden bedroom at the back, close to the shower, and a lovely loft bedroom with a great view.

Not being secluded is a tiny drawback of this cabin but nothing seriously affecting your treehouse experience. Despite that, this modern and lovely Tuscaloosa treehouse has still so much to offer.

Make sure to check it out.

3. Family Size Tree house  – Best of Family Treehouse Rentals In Alabama

Alabama Treehouse - Family Size Hope Hull Treehouse
Alabama Treehouse - Family Size Hope Hull Treehouse
Hope Hull treehouse – Family Size Tree House – image source: Airbnb

Location: Hope Hull, AL
Accommodation: 10 guests
Price: $164 per night
Bathtub: No

A great adventure in Hope Hull, AL is waiting for you. Breathtaking treehouse adventure packed with lovely fields, woodlands, and ponds. We are talking about the best of family treehouse rentals in Alabama. Place where you can disconnect from your stressful lifestyle and enjoy quality time with your kids and loved ones.

Spacious treehouse rental with a huge bed selection to choose from. More than 10 beds at disposal. Having so many beds to choose from can definitely make your kids happy. And when the younglings are happy the whole trip is a success.

That’s why this is the perfect family treehouse rental in Alabama.

Huge deck to enjoy the natural beauty of the land.

Kids will love to explore what the property has to provide. To start, a large open field to wander at. Hiking through the field and woods seems like a great pass-time idea for everyone.

And for the fishing lovers, two ponds to enjoy. 

So if you plan a family vacation, the Family Size tree house is the undisputed choice.

4. Enchanted Tree House – Treehouse Rental In Alabama

Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Enchanted Tree House
Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Enchanted Tree House
Phenix City Treehouse – tree house rentals Alabama – image source: Airbnb

Location: Phenix City, AL
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $151 per night
Bathtub: No

Enchanted treehouse retreat with broad pristine nature waiting to be explored. Ingrained in Phenix City, AL this cabin provides all the necessities for a relaxing and unique getaway. 

It’s a great fit for a romantic getaway but suited for family adventures as well. 

So if you are looking for an enchanted treehouse rental in Alabama, you came to the right place.

Comes with a couple of sitting options, swings, and a rock climbing platform. The younglings will worship this palace. It’s a kid’s paradise so to speak.

Clean, simple, and practical best describe this Alabama treehouse cabin. The spacious deck is great for a morning coffee and perfect for stargazing. Separate unit for toilet and shower short walk away. 

Friendly and communicative hosts enhance the treehouse experience.

It is not secluded and this is the main drawback of this Alabama treehouse rental. It doesn’t affect the unique and enchanting experience but it’s worth mentioning.

Pocket treehouse getaway. Make sure to check it out.

5. Sleep With the Alpacas – Tree Tops Treehouse Rental in Alabama

Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Enchanted Tree House
Treehouse Rentals In Alabama - Sleep With the Alpacas
Shorter treehouse – Alabama treehouse – image source: Airbnb

Location: Shorter, AL
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $199 per night
Bathtub: No

A unique or should I say unusual structure. But after all, tree houses are supposed to be unusual. 30 feet sky high, this unique treehouse adventure is not for the faint-hearted.

Located on a small farm in between Montgomery and Auburn this treehouse is a perfect tree top Alabama getaway.

Small and practical, this treehouse focuses on a unique approach and experience. Lovely space, minimalist elements, and warm ambiance. At a glance, a friendly and welcoming airbnb treehouse rental. 

The farm is a place where you can relax but also try interesting outdoor activities. Get a tour of the farm and enjoy the presence of the cute and curious alpacas. 

Take advantage of the awesome southern hospitality. Come and visit this Alabama treehouse retreat.

6. Willow Luxury Treehouse – ReTreet Treehouse rental

Alabama treehouse rental - Willow Luxury Treehouse
Alabama treehouse rental - Willow Luxury Treehouse
Scottsboro treehouse – Alabama treehouse – image source: Airbnb

Location: Scottsboro, AL
Accommodation: 3 guests
Price: $181 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: No
Pets allowed: Yes

Nested in pristine nature in close vicinity to beautiful Lake Guntersville is an Alabama treehouse full of surprises. Willow is a luxury ReTreet Treehouse surrounded by hiking trails and fresh air. One of the finest luxury treehouse rentals Alabama has to present.

One of the great features the resort offers is the variety of outdoor activities such as Disc Golf, Hiking Paths, and a Horseshoe Pit. Last but not least, a dog park. A dedicated area just for your pet is something that a lot of rentals miss but not the Willow treehouse.

Outdoor amenities are the fire pit and a modest deck with outdoor furniture.

The inside is more prosperous in amenities. Lovely living area, a couch, TV, and plenty of light. The kitchen is modest in size and well equipped. Microwave, coffee maker, a sink, fridge, cabinets, and lots of utensils. Modern and functional with a marble countertop.

Modern and luxury are the words best describe the bathroom. Plain oval mirror, appealing wooden cabinet with marble countertop, and modern sink. Best for last, a full-sized glass shower with an adorable tile selection. 

The Willow ReTreet treehouse comes with a loft bedroom. Here you find the cozy king-sized bed and a great view of the living room. 

The Willow treehouse complements couples and people with pets. You enjoy serene woodland, outdoor activities, and a dog park. The getaway is luxurious and of great value, so make sure to check it out.

7. Coyote’s Treehouse Cabin – Romantic getaway

Coyote’s Treehouse Cabin
Coyote’s Treehouse Cabin
Albertville treehouse – image source: Airbnb

Location: Albertville, AL
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $150 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: Yes
Pets allowed: Yes / Extra cost

Coyote’s Treehouse is located in Albertville and is one of the most majestic Alabama treehouse rentals. Amazing retreat suited for nature lovers. A great place where you can unplug and enjoy the presence of the woodland.

The outdoors is rich in amenities and activities. Comes with a lovely fire pit, outdoor deck furniture, a grill, shower, and a private bathtub. In the vicinity, there are some caves and trails to explore, and a creek to admire.

The inside is rustic in appearance and functional. Blue couch on the left and a cozy bedroom in front with an additional loft bedroom. Modest kitchen with a microwave, a fridge, sink, and shelves with utensils on the right.

Small bathroom with a sink, and a shower. Tiny in size but functional.

Overall a great Alabama treehouse cabin.

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