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What is Glamping?

Luxurious glamourous camping in short. It’s camping but with a new twist. Combination of luxurious amenities of the urban dwelling and camping outdoor lifestyle. This mainstream outdoor activity is designed to create a simple and easy getaway from your daily routine. Break away from your stressful life but keep the luxurious necessities of your comfy flat.

The way of traveling has and is evolving. As the needs of the travelers change so does the way we adopt travel experience. As the need for connection with nature grew, so did the shift for out-of-the-box traveling appeared.

People want to spend more time in nature. They don’t just want to see it. They want to live it. This is how glamping was born.

But glamping has become more. It’s not just glamorous camping anymore. It’s a mass movement, and the interest in it is skyrocketing. People wanted to share how they vision living in harmony with nature. They created various experiences, at various locations with diverse views of what a dwelling can be. The varieties people created were immense. All of them are unique and comfortable with their pros and cons. Each fitting a specific category but all of them connect with nature.

There are many unique and artistic dwellings but we will not bring forth all of them. We will mention only the most popular. They are tents, yurts, tipis and domes.

What is the best part of the year?

There is no specific time to go on a glamping trip. Every part of the year is distinctive and brings unrepeated adventure. But there are some other circumstances that we need to take into account. There are some properties that operate in specific periods of the year. Depending on the weather and location some glamping spots might not be operational all year long. Make sure to check with the owners to see if they are seasonal or year-round accommodations.

What’s the closest glamping near me?

This list was created to show you the best glamping spots near you. Every paragraph is a separate state. This will allow you to filter your preferred glamping destination from the rest. Don’t waste any time. Find out your nearest glamping spots. Become part of the glamping tribe.


Here is a list of glamping in California spots we have on Treehouse Secret. Make sure to check them out.

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This hub page will constantly grow. Our goal is to catalog as many unique spots as we can. We wanted to make it easier for users to find places they want to visit. This way you don’t have to search all of the lists but pinpoint specific states or regions. Our main goal, for now, is the US. Once we provided enough relevant content we will include glamping spots from all over the world.

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