Treebones – Glamping In Big Sur With A Unique Style

Treebones is a Big Sur glamping with a unique style. Lavish and cozy glamping tents. One of a kind, art form open sky accommodation. State of the art pool, sauna, and dining. A ton of activities and amenities.

These are some of the reasons why Treebones should be your next glamping destination. Let’s glamp in for our next Big Sur glamping adventure.

Table of content:

Image source: Treebones Resort

1. How to get to Treebones Glamping Spot

Coming from the South

This is another glamping in California story. Treebones resort is located in the South Big Sur area. It’s 5 hours drive from LA and 4 hours from San Francisco. The glamping spot is 25 miles north of San Simeon and Hearst Castle. You drive through Ragged Point and once you pass Gorda Spring Resorts you take the first road on the right. There is a Treebone sign on the right side of Highway 1.

Coming from the North

65 miles south from Monterey on Highway 1 and you are there. You take a left and then an immediate right turn.

35 miles south of Ventana Big Sur Glamping if you visited the glamping spot before.

2. Parking

Parking spots are provided but access to the yurt is by foot. Don’t panic. They are a hop away. The Autonomous Tents are further distanced but still close to the parking lot.

3. Accommodation and Amenities

Image source: Treebones Resort

There are 3 types of accommodation. Autonomous Tents, yurts, and the campsite. We are gonna approach the first 2.

The Autonomous Tents are a recent addition to the Treebones Big Sur glamping resort. They offer exclusive privacy and provide a more luxurious glamping experience.

The Autonomous glamping tents are equipped with a decent size deck. On it, an outdoor fireplace and chairs that warm up your glamping experience. Enter inside and you find a spacious minimalist room. In the center, the cozy king-sized bed rests. Leather chairs and a small table are found on the right. A sofa is placed in front of the bed facing the indoor fireplace. On the back, tucked away is a nice looking sink, mirror, small fridge, heater, and the bathroom. The last mentioned is an addition only found in The Autonomous Tents. Nice tiled shower area, toilet, and bath towels. It’s practical, well organized, and clean. 

The dwellings are also provided with drinkable water. 

Image source: Treebones Resort

Yurts are the biggest part of the accommodation. They make the Big Sur glamping. They are spacious and comfy. You enter and you are greeted with a table, set of chairs, sofa, and some great reading lights. In the center some storage and a lush cozy bed. Every yurt has a sink, fresh hot/cold water, and bath towels. The decks are small with Adirondack chairs but perfect for a coastal view.

Image source: Treebones Resort

Worth mentioning is a unique experience found only at Treebones resort. It’s a true, one of a kind glamping experience. We are talking about the Human Nest and the Twig Hut. It’s an accommodation / art piece. Made out of dead eucalyptus branches, formed and shaped to create a back to basics nature connection.

It’s a semi-open experience with almost no roof over your head. Bear in mind that you are exposed to the elements during your stay. Makes you assess your mental and physical strength. Sleeping in the open means having unusual wildlife neighbors. This makes the stay even more challenging. Are you up to the task?
If you are, arriving early with a proper tent and equipment is crucial for embarking on this true glamping adventure.

Another interesting aspect of the resort is the fresh produce. Treebones resort glamping has an on-site organic garden that provides a good chunk of its required produce. Honey is another product they manage on-site.

4. Activities

Treehouse resort offers Yoga activities in the morning and afternoon. Depending on the weather it can be either outdoor on the panoramic platform or indoor in the Red Door fireside studio. It’s open for all ages but remember to bring a proper outfit. You can check with the resort for more detailed information.

Treat your body and mind with a massage. The relaxing studio is on-site with a licensed practitioner. Looking for deep relaxation, stress, or pain relief? They got you covered. They personalize your needs and take care of your health.
Note: you need to book your massage 2 weeks in advance. The treatment (70 min massage) can cost up to $160. Prices can vary and are subject to change. Make sure to check with Treebones resort before you book.

Eco Adventure is another great Treebones glamping activity. They offer a 6-hour Big Sur glamping trip and kayak tours. 

Treebones glamping offers daily visits to the iconic Hearst Castle. Trips to locations such as Point Sur Lighthouse, New Camaldoli Hermitage, and Henry Miller Memorial Library are provided on specific days.

What to chill and relax. This Big Sur glamping resort has a state-of-the-art pool and hot tube.

Stargazing is another interesting activity. The glamping spot is ideal for enjoying the alchemy of colors the stellar domain has molded.

Hiking and coastal exploration is the most common activity on Big Sur. Pack some good equipment and tough boots to tackle the vast Big Sur landscape.

5. Dining

Image source: Treebones Resort

Treebones resort offers one of the greatest dining experiences on the Big Sur coast. Even if you stay in another location, The Lodge Restaurant is a must-dine-in. Indoor dining brings a warm and cozy feel to the table. Outdoor dining is more weather dependent. If it’s favorable, it opens a whole new perspective of enjoyment. Wine tasting, wind breeze, whale watching, and endless magic of the Pacific coastline.

Fridays are for casual dining. Wood-fired oven delights and pizzas are to satisfy your appetite.

6. Be prepared and equipped

Make sure to bring some warm clothes. Mornings are notorious for their cold. Afternoons on the other hand can be windy. Rain is a big problem if you are visiting in winter. You need to carry some proper gear for a better glamping experience.
A good piece of advice for a proper gear is: 

  • rain gear (if you come in the winter season January – March)
  • flashlights, 
  • Pajamas and slippers, 
  • Hiking boots,
  • A sense of adventure

7. Pricing

Pricing can vary a lot. Specific dates, times of the year, and types of accommodation can be the huge cost factor. Check available dates and pricing on the site of Treebones Resort.

Is it for you?

For sure. It’s a must-see Big Sur glamping resort. Full of amenities, diverse accommodation, awesome dining, and one hell of a view.

Be a part of the glamping tribe. Check out Treebones resort or visit Treehouse Secret for more Glamping and Treehouse related content.

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