Ventana Big Sur Glamping – Is it worth it?

Yes it is. It’s surely a starting point to Big Sur Glamping. What you need now are some highlights and tips on what to expect on this glamping trip.

We are gonna cover things like best ways to get to Ventana, check-in and parking. Some useful info will be shared on Ventana glamping amenities and what’s included. Will touch subjects like on-site activities, dining and round up with some positive experiences.

So if you are ready, let’s glamp in.

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Image Source: Ventana Big Sur

#1 How to get to Ventana Glamping site

This might vary. An average of 3 hours if you are coming from San Francisco, 2 hours from San Jose. If you are coming from the south – LA, then it’s roughly 6 hours.
In any case, the best experience so far is by car.

If you are visiting in Spring and come from south on highway 1, there is a lot for you on the table. Driving on Highway 1 can offer some amazing experiences. From flowers in all the colors to some magical coastal views. 

#2 Parking

Once you get to Ventana Big Sur Glamping site the fun part begins.
Get to the Airstream trailer to check in. From there you will be guided to your glamping tent. Just remember that glamping tents have their own designated parking spot. They are suitable and easy to access.
The roads are nice, well maintained and easy to navigate. Driving to your tent will be a piece of cake.

#3 Amenities

Image Source: Ventana Big Sur

Ventana glamping has plenty of amenities to offer. The first thing that greets you is the wood-burning fire pit with chairs and picnic table on the side. Then follows a small deck, some chairs, mirror and a propane fireplace to enhance your glamping experience. As an addition you have drinkable hot and cold water on the deck. What adds an accent to the whole experience is the wooden oak barrel used as a sink.

You open the glamping tent and find the luxuries experience you were expecting. Lawish cozy bed, some cabinet storage, lamps and electrical outlets positioned for practical use and lighting. Additional storage in front of the bed with some towels, blankets and electric heater for chilly nights.Last but not least, handheld lantern for night walks and visits of the Bath House.

Most of the tents are near the stream. This enhances the experience and gives a more natural feel to your stay in the glamping tent.

If you forgot some essentials, the airstream trailer is at your close proximity. You can purchase snacks, drinks, firewood, s’mores and other key items you need.

#4 Bath House

Ventana Big Sur - Bath House
Image Source: Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Glamping Bath House is equipped with marble vanities, wood paneling and nice flooring. The showers are white tiled and very simplistic. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash is provided on site. It’s a nice clean sanitized space. Distance to the Bath house can vary depending on your glamping tent location. Worst case,It’s a small walk down the road but keep in mind to have your key card with you. That’s the only way you can access the Bath House.

#5 Activities

Ventana Big Sur glamping has a wide range of activities to offer. On-site small walk paths, hiking trails and stargazing are some among them.Small walks among the Redwood trees can feel inspiring and relaxing at the same time.They are on site and a great addition for your pastime. Hiking on the other hand is a more daunting experience. It requires some practice, equipment combined with great mental and physical endurance. The task can be challenging but the effort can be quite rewarding. Big Sur is famous for the coastal scenery and hiking trails.

You won’t be disappointed.

#6 Dinning

The SurStream is your go to outdoor dinning spot. Drinks, snacks and small necessities at the palm of your hand.
If you are a barbeque fan then look no further. Big Sur Smokehouse is right there to surprise you with some smoky delights. House smoked meets, salads, soups, sides and deserts are some of the things they offer. The right spot for some tasty experience.
For a more lavish experience make sure to check the Sur House. Wonderful food, impeccable service, matched with an amazing view.

#7 Pricing

The price is around $240 per night. Just note that prices can change from time to time. That’s why we recommend contacting the resort before you make any reservations.
Is the price justified? It all depends on you. If you enjoy glamping then the answer is Yes. If you want to experience the Big Sur glamping at the fullest, then this is a good deal.

If you are not into glamping, camping is a viable option too. That’s why Ventana offers camping spots at a much lower cost. Prices for camping spots are around $80 per night. Tent, bed and necessities are required for you to bring.

Should you consider? 

As I said before, it’s personal. Glamping is a lifestyle. You either like it or not. If you are into glamping then Ventana Big Sur is a great starting choice at a reasonable price.

Be a part of the glamping tribe. Check out Ventana Big Sur Glamping or visit Treehouse Secret for more Glamping and Treehouse related content.

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