Top 5 Treehouse Rentals in Tennessee – The Best Picks

Tennessee is a state rich in modern, rustic, romantic, and luxury treehouse rentals. This gives you a chance to explore the state in a unique way, and get secluded from the stressful modern lifestyle at the same time. This post was designed to do exactly that. Here comes the list of the Top Treehouse Rentals in Tennessee.

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1 – The Nest, Adult Treehouse – Best of Rustic Treehouse rentals in Tennessee

Treehouse Rentals In Tennessee - The Nest
Treehouse Rentals In Tennessee - The Nest
Mount Juliet treehouse  – Tennessee treehouse – Airbnb treehouse – image source: airbnb

Location: Mount Juliet, TN
Accommodation: 2 guests
Price: $136 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: No
Pets allowed: Yes

Located in the magnificent Mt. Juliet is one of the most magnificent treehouse rentals in Tennessee. Secluded and quiet, this treehouse getaway offers the chance to sever yourself from the modern lifestyle. Enjoy comfort, harmony, and the abundance of wildlife.

Your perfect Tennessee treehouse.

The outdoors is loaded with amenities. Scattered stones form a lovely firepit. In close proximity, you find outdoor furniture, a hammock, a swing bench, and a grill. And not to forget, a small tree house deck with a lovely tiny table and 2 chairs.

The tree house is robust and the inside diverse, loaded with necessities. You open the doors, and the first thing that greets you is the cozy queen-sized bed. Rustic interior with industrious tall mirror, tiny light blue cabinet that serves as a kitchenette, and some lovely pictures over the cozy bed.

The final touch of this Tennessee treehouse is the bathroom. Comes with a toilet, sink, hot water, and the most unique bucket shower. A unique feature found only in this Tennessee treehouse getaway.

Overall a great remote tree house rental suited for couples. Comes with a lot of amenities, spotless service, and is an awesome value for the money. The perfect match for a romantic tree house getaway.

2 – Serenity House – Best of Modern Treehouse Rentals in Tennessee

Tennessee Treehouse rentals - Serenity House
Tennessee Treehouse rentals - Serenity House
McEwen treehouse – Tennessee treehouse rentals – image source: airbnb

Location: McEwen, TN
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $170 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: No
Pets allowed: Yes

Found in McEwen, TN high in the tree tops is one of the most amazing treehouse rentals in Tennessee. Great property with lots of walking trails, lovely surroundings, and a sturdy modern treehouse. What more to ask for your next treehouse getaway?

Well-crafted fire pit with outdoor furniture and 2 swing chairs under the tree house rental. Another great outdoor amenity comes from the Serenity tree house accessed deck. Here you can find an additional table and wooden chairs. Great place to start your day with a cup of coffee or end it with stargazing at the lovely sky.

The inside of the treehouse is bright with an open space concept. White with golden oak brown and lots of windows dominate the interior design. Double couches with a small wooden table and a bed next to them. Following next is a foldable wooden table with chairs as a dining area.

Next in line is the kitchen, spacious and packed with utensils.

The bathroom is modern and functional. Comes with a lovely white sink and tap faucet, a toilet with some cabinets on top, and a grey / white tiled shower.

In general, Serenity is a great Tennessee treehouse rental. Great for couples and families, comes at a competitive price, and pets are allowed.

This modern treehouse is tailored for you. Visit the Serenity House in Tennessee and see what it has stored for you.

3 – Sulfur Ridge – Best of Luxury Tennessee Treehouse Rentals

Tennessee Treehouse rentals - Sulfur Ridge
Tennessee Treehouse rentals - Sulfur Ridge
Bloomington Springs Treehouse – Tennessee tree house – image source: airbnb

Location: Bloomington Springs, TN
Accommodation: 2 guests
Price: $385 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: Yes
Pets allowed: No

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse is located in the lovely Bloomington Springs, TN on 19 acres of property. Hidden in the trees, this Tennessee tree house offers luxury and style. So if you crave luxury or a romantic treehouse getaway, you are in the right spot.

Unique yellow doors with a wall made of 200 wine bottles is something related just to the Sulfur Ridge treehouse. An interesting add-on that makes your journey interesting and surprising.

Stone as a design element influences the garden design. Gorgeous stone pathways and a large stone patio appeal to the eye. On it, is a diversity of outdoor furniture, a stone fire pit, and a hot tub. Spend time relaxing in the hot tube or sit near the fireplace enjoying the magic of the moment.

The inside of the tree house is a mix of subtle colors and a predominant white enclosure. Lovely chairs with a tint of diverse antique quilts and a cozy rose bed. A refrigerator with some shelves and a lovely small kitchenette opposite it.

The bathroom is the hidden ace of this tree house rental. Dominant white tiles, black decor, industrial brass elements, and a touch of gold. Very spacious and bright, this luxury bathroom is the hearth and soul of Sulfur Ridge Treehouse.

Without a doubt, a 5-star Airbnb treehouse experience.

Make the perfect romantic trip for your loved one. Experience the luxury of Sulfur Ridge Treehouse. 

4 – Upper Stone Mountain Treehouse – Best of Romantic Treehouses In Tennessee

Treehouse Rentals In Tennessee - Upper Stone Mountain
Treehouse Rentals In Tennessee - Upper Stone Mountain
Unicoi Treehouse – Tennessee Tree House – image source: airbnb

Location: Unicoi, TN
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $188 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: Yes
Pets allowed: No

Located in Unicoi, TN on 20 acres of private property hides a romantic Tennessee tree house rental. Snuggle in a pristine forest environment, this secluded tree house gives you a unique way to explore Tennessee.

The outside of the cabin is packed with amenities. Modest fire pit, outdoor furniture, and two stunning clawfoot bathtubs ( unfortunately not operational in winter). Spacious deck with a table, plenty of chairs, grill, and dreamy mountain views. What more to ask?

The insides is carefully selected color tones and plenty of light.

A light green tone dominates both the exterior and interior. In addition, you have a woodland oak tone, present in the flooring, kitchen, and furniture. And last but not least, large tall windows provide plenty of light and make the whole space appealing and warm. 

The dominant accent falls on the fireplace in the center of the room. Opposite it, you find the lovely couch and a foldable table with 2 chairs. The kitchen is modest with a sink, fridge, microwave, and lovely wooden cabinets.

The bathroom is also modest in size and comes with a toilet, a modern sink, a mirror, and a lovely tiled shower space.

Hand-crafted wooden stairs lead to the loft bedroom where a cozy king-sized bed awaits you. 

Peaceful and quiet, the Upper Stone Mountain is tailored for couples. Relaxing clawfoot bathtubs, magical woodland, and amazing mountain views.

Great value and pristine review score. Perfect couples retreat waiting to be discovered. Make sure to check it out.

5 – Stamish Castle at Treehouse Mountain! – Tree House Rental

Tennessee Treehouse Rentals - Stamish Castle
Tennessee Treehouse Rentals - Stamish Castle Interior
Copperhill treehouse – Tennessee treehouse rentals – image source: airbnb

Location: Copperhill, TN
Accommodation: 4 guests
Price: $229 per night
Bathtub / Hot tub: No
Pets allowed: Yes

Somewhere in Copperhill, TN in the company of pristine nature and quiet woodlands hides a magical place just for you. It’s called Stamish Castle at Treehouse Mountain, your next Tennessee treehouse getaway. 

The outside of the treehouse comes with basic amenities such as chairs and a fire pit. Nevertheless, the environment is magical and the experience is unique.

Inside we find an open space with predominant wooden elements. Pleasant and bright, this tree house rental has all the attributes of a luxury getaway. The kitchenette is small but practical and the bedroom cozy. 

There is a toilet but no shower on the premises. The bathhouse is in close proximity to the tree house rental. 

Great match for couples and family/friends. Make sure to add it to your vacation retreat list

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