The Majestic Hive – Amazing Skybox Treehouse Cabin

It’s definitely a must-visit treehouse cabin rental. The Hive Skybox cabin has everything you need for a true Texas treehouse experience. Majestic environment, hand-crafted stone walkways, wrap-around decks, hammock, and a spacious A-frame cabin. What more to ask. 

Here are a couple of reasons why this is one of the best Texas treehouse rentals there is. Enter the Hive.

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Hive Skybox Cabins
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

How to get there

Located in Glen Rose is one of the most beautiful tree house rentals in Texas. It’s called The Hive. It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes from Dallas and almost 3 hours from Austin.

Parking at Skybox cabins

SkyBox cabins provide on-site parking for their accommodation. You can enter the property only if you are a guest of Skybox cabins. The property is gated and only guests will have entrance codes. The same applies to the Hive treehouse.

Stone walkway and wrap-around deck

There is a small walking distance from the parking to the treehouse cabin. 

The journey begins with a walk on a hand-crafted stone walkway that the owners built. A couple of steps down and you come across the wrap-around deck. It extends from the stone walkway to the front side of The Hive. That is the moment you have a first glance at the magnificent A-frame treehouse cabin. The access to the tree house is from the back. You kinda build up expectations when you approach it. When you get closer to the deck you’ll notice there is an entrance door on the right. A couple of steps more and there is the spacious deck in front of the tree house.

The Deck

Hive Treehouse Cabin - The deck
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

The deck is where most of the outside fun and enjoyment is. Nice space, sitting for four people and a magic view. In the right corner, in the end, a beautiful hammock is integrated with the deck. A cut-out in the deck for a hammock is the most brilliant idea i have seen. An awesome place to relax and perfect for any part of the day. The deck wraps around some trees making a perfect harmony of nature and architecture. A lot of amazing views and lovely sunsets to enjoy. Everything you need from this majestic Texas treehouse.

The Hive treehouse cabin

Living room

Hive Treehouse Cabin - Living Room
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

A huge double-door entrance opens up the spacious living room. There are two big windows on each side of the entrance and two on top of it. Making it a total of four the big windows provide a lot of light and brightness in the cabin. Two chairs, a couch, and a lovely wooden coffee table are in front of the double doors. Books and puzzles can be found under the table if you are interested in them. On the right side of the living room beautifully integrated dining table. Great for coffee or tea delights.

Hive Treehouse Cabin - Living Room 02
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

On the same side, there is a small window and the entrance for the treehouse cabin.

Hive Treehouse Cabin - Living Room 03
Image source: SkyBox Cabins
Hive Treehouse Cabin - Kitchen
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

Moving forward on the left is a lovely u-shaped kitchen with a wooden countertop. Basic utensils, a single burner cooktop, small fridge, coffee machine, microwave, lovely sink, and two bar stools. All the necessities for doing some cooking and having a tasty dining experience.


Hive Treehouse Cabin - Bathroom
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

The bathroom design is a genius mix of functionality and small space footprint. What they did was unique: they split the toilet and bathroom apart. Next to the kitchen, on the far left, there is the tiny toilet section with a window and its own door. A cross of it is the bathroom. Small but practical sink and vanity, hexagonal mirror, some bath towels, and lovely tiled shower on the right. The idea was out of the box and the result was phenomenal.


Hive Treehouse Cabin - Bedroom
Image source: SkyBox Cabins

Right on top of the kitchen is the lovely loft bedroom. To access it, you need to use the wooden stairs. It’s easy-going up or down just be cautious when you use them. Once you get to the second floor you find a minimalist loft bedroom. Queen-sized bed, and a window behind it. There is a lot of space around the bed or even when you stand up.

The look from the loft Is breathtaking, both viewing the living room and outside. The huge door and windows pass a lot of sunlight which makes the treehouse cabin bright and immense.


2 guests is the max number of people allowed in the treehouse rental.

The minimum age of guests is 18.

No pets allowed


There are not a lot of activities on the property but there are a lot of activities nearby. Here are some of them.

Big Rocks Park – Great place for a picnic along the Paluxy River.

Dinosaur Valley State Park – Explore the Jurassic world with fossils found in Texas.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center – Opportunity to see animals from the whole world.


Pricing for this lovely tree house rental in Texas is around $259 per night. It’s definitely not a bad deal compared to similar cabins. Note: prices can be subject to change. Be sure to check prices or contact Skybox before making any kind of reservation. 

Should you consider it?

It’s definitely one of the best tree house rentals in Texas. It should be one of the top places on your treehouse bucket list. Awesome deck and hammock, great spacious living room, and comfy loft bedroom. Everything you need for a great treehouse journey.

Hope you liked the trip we took together. If you want to find out more about this lovely treehouse cabin, check out Hive Treehouse – Skybox Cabins. Make sure to check Treehouse Secret for more treehouse and glamping content.

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