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The ultimate Asheville treehouse rental. Everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Great craftsmanship of lovely warm exterior, functional interior, and staggering views. Open floor living room, amazing deck, functional bathroom, and minimalist bedroom. Everything you need from an Asheville treehouse rental.

Welcome to Sanctuary.

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How to get to Sanctuary

It’s an Asheville treehouse rental. Part of the Treehouses of Serenity, Sanctuary is one of the most amazing they have. Some shy 15 minutes north of Ashville, NC and you are there. 

Parking at Sanctuary

Parking is provided on-site for the guests of Sanctuary. It’s right next to it with no walking distance to the treehouse.

Sanctuary surroundings

You can’t deny the majesty and craftsmanship put into this cabin. Anytime or anywhere you look at it you see the artistry set in motion.

Custom-made treehouse with lovely wooden decor on top of 2 massive sky-high oaks. The wooden slabs make the exterior unique and give a warm feel to it. It makes it stand out.

On the left side of the treehouse is the firepit. Natural stone in the surrounding and some nice wood log stools for a warm vibe while being outside.

Makes it radiate.

From the parking, you step on a small stony path facing the treehouse. Timber stairs lead to the deck wrapping the foundation tree and the vivid blue entrance door. The support tree ads a nice detail. It gives a positive vibe to the treehouse. Another exterior add-on is the lighting. String lights are used on the balcony fence and staircase to make a magical ambient. Small but nice touch for a smoother treehouse experience.


Living area 

Sanctuary living room - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: Treehouses of Serenity

Wood is the main element all throughout this rental.

Pass the entrance and you find yourself in the spacious living room area. 

On the left, you find a rocking chair, a lovely lamp, and a huge window for a tone of natural light. Opposite of it, right under the stairs a comfy little couch.

Sanctuary couch - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: Treehouses of Serenity

In the left corner, there is a lovely thick wooden slab countertop with 2 chairs. On top of it, small windows for a lot of brightness while enjoying your meal.

Sanctuary dining - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: Treehouses of Serenity

Last but not least, an L-shaped kitchen with wooden cabinets on the further right. The kitchen area is very spacious. The intriguing grey marble countertop complements the modern sink. Sizeable windows on top of the sink and gray/white tiling surrounding them. Decent size fridge and freezer, microwave on the right, and utensils.

Sanctuary kitchen - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: TOS

For those who love cooking, the kitchenette will provide a lot of satisfaction.

Small and practical TV between the entrance door and the bathroom. It’s a great addition to this Serenity treehouse but not a necessity for a great getaway. Last but not least, some blankets and pillows underneath the TV. 


Between the kitchen and dining area is the double door for the main deck. Perfect to enjoy the staggering views of Ashville and the mystique smoky mountains. Rocking chairs, stools, and a small bench provide plenty of sitting choices. The deck offers staggering views while you enjoy and detach from your daily routine. Another detail of the deck is the second support tree. As for the front, it gives a nice feel to the treehouse. 


Sanctuary bathroom - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: TOS

Right off the entrance, facing the staircase for the second floor is the bathroom. Kitchen style sink and countertop, round mirror, and towels on the left at the entrance. Move forward and you have a toilet with an elongated narrow window behind it for plenty of light.

Next to the toilet, is a lovely simple minimalist shower. Wooden tiles and the unique metallic-looking ceiling complement it.


Sanctuary bedroom - Asheville Treehouse Rental
Image source: TOS

Stepping out of the bathroom and you face the wooden stairs leading to the bedroom area. It is small and minimalist with some drawers and hangers-on on the sides.

Left of the stairs elevated from the main floor on a platform is the comfy bedroom. With 2 lights above your bed and a nice area for luggage storage under the bedroom stairs. Windows opposite the bedroom make the space vivid and well-lit. All in all, a practical and simple design.


Pricing can vary from $350 on weekdays and $400 on weekends. Holidays pricing is $400 no matter the day of the week. The owners have the right to change the pricing for their accommodation. Make sure to check with them before making any reservation.

Who is this rental for?

This treehouse is best suited for couples. It’s for someone who loves a majestic experience and a unique getaway. It offers amazing surroundings and a lovely treehouse with awesome decks and views. Everything you need to set aside in your daily routines.

I hoped you find this info useful. Find out more about this Asheville treehouse by checking Treehouses Of Serenity. For similar content or glamping, check the recent posts on Treehouse Secret.

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