Emerald Forest Treehouse – The Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin

The ultimate romantic treehouse cabin. State-of-the-art hot tub, amazing wrap-around deck, a crows nest, outdoor shower, zipline, and a forest theater. Nothing compares to this amazing Washington treehouse rental.

Behold the Emerald Forest treehouse.

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How to get there?

Located in the pacific northwest in beautiful Redmond Washington is probably the most magical treehouse – The Emerald Forest. It is 40 minutes away from Seatle and 10 minutes from Redmond. Make sure to check it out.


Parking is provided on-site by the owners of the Emerald Forest. A great feature they offer is EV chargers. You can charge your electric vehicle on their property. It is one of the many cool amenities this treehouse rental has to offer.

Wrap around deck and hot tub

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse
Image source: Emerald Forest

The rental is located on 30 acres of property in the backyard of the owners Scott and Kim. They guide you through the treehouse and around the property which is full of surprises. 

The first thing you encounter is the beautiful wooden stairs and huge wrap-around deck. A couple of steps down and the first thing it meets the eye is the gorgeous hot tub on the left.

This is how your amazing experience starts at the emerald treehouse. The hot tub can accommodate 4 people and it’s easy to use. Another great amenity is the TV. Being outdoor relaxing and watching your favorite shows while being in the hot tub at the same time. Pretty cool. There are plenty of sitting options provided on the hot tub deck. A couple of chairs, and a small bench to rest and relax.

Suspension bridge

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - suspension bridge

You pass this amazing suspension bridge with trees and foliage on both sides. It gives you a feeling you are pursuing a rainforest expedition. Shaking, cracking and vibrations combine in each step you take towards the treehouse. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted but it’s totally worth it. Great foliage and trees make the scenery magical.

Emerald Forest Treehouse

You pass the bridge and you are in front of the cabin. A huge tree comes through the deck and reaches sky high above the treehouse. On the left side is the treehouse entrance.

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - living room
Image source: Emerald Forest

You open the door and the first thing you see is the lovely cozy queen-sized bed. Small storage on both sides and a huge window behind the bed facing the suspended bridge. If you want to make the living room spacious just fold the bed. A lovely feature nevertheless.

The living space is open and bright with massive windows overlooking the forest and pond. Small dining table, some chairs, and a couch in the left corner. Bunk beds in the loft on top of the bedroom. 

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - bunk beds
Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - kitchen area
Image source: Emerald Forest

Mini fridge, microwave, and a small kitchenette tucked on the right. Watch your favorite movies and shows on 100-inch drop-down screen and projector while resting on the couch. 

Crow’s nest

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - Crow's Nest

20 feet above the treehouse deck is another platform called the crow’s nest. Provides some amazing views of the pond. Perfect for a cup of coffee or enjoying the magic scenery. It brings the overall experience to the next level. 

You get down and we continue to explore the wrap-around deck.


Small composting toilet and a sink. The restroom is kinda small but very functional. 


The favorite activity at the Emerald Treehouse: The Zipline. This cabin never stops to amaze. You can use the zipline to cross from the treehouse to the platform in front of the lake. From there, you can zipline all across the pond to the Emerald forest. It’s such an amazing experience.

Breakfast is also delivered to you with a zipline. From the house to the treehouse tasty breakfast is served during your stay. Adventure and glam all in one place. Amazing.

Outdoor shower

Pass the zipline and come to the back of the deck. Another cool surprise waits for you there. It’s the outdoor shower. Great combo of hot water, heater, and a lovely outdoor breeze. A concealed and awesome feature of this romantic treehouse cabin. 

Property trail

There is a ladder on the treehouse deck. Use it to get to the ground. Take the trail at the bottom of the tree house and get to the zipline tower. There are 4 platforms each for enjoying the property view and the top one for ziplining across the pond.

If in case you are not fond of the zipline use the property path to get to the Emerald forest. String lights guide your path through the other-worldly woodland. The best time for a walk is during the sunset.

Emerald Theater

Best Romantic Treehouse Cabin - Emerald Forest Treehouse - Emerald Theater
Image source: Nelson treehouse

The emerald forest has a unique beauty. Inside it is the Emerald forest theater. It was built with a vision to be similar to the Forest Moon of Endor – Return of the Jedi. It turned out that most of the treehouse lovers wanted to have their own Ewok village. Not only the Starwars fans.

A couple of swings, small chairs, rope nets for climbing, a projection screen in the middle of the woods and so much more. Bringing child memories back to life.


Pricing can vary so you need to check on The Emerald Forest website.  

Should you consider it?

100% yes. This is the ultimate treehouse among all romantic treehouse cabins there are. It’s packed with amenities, and luxury, and has its own magical forest theater. Pure enjoyment and luxury. Since it’s top of the line this experience can be pricy.

If in case you are new at this, then we recommend visiting more affordable rentals. If you want to experience the high-end romantic treehouse cabins then this is the perfect fit for you.

Thank you for taking the time to check the info. To find out more about this rental plz check The Emerald Forest. For similar content plz check our more recent posts on Treehouse Secret.

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