Distinctive Red River Gorge Treehouse – Best of The Looking Glass

A must-visit Red River Gorge treehouse. Provided parking, magical nature, great treehouse craftsmanship, and bright ambient. Everything is compacted into an amazing treehouse experience. Where it stands out from the other treehouse rentals in Kentucky is the unique form. If you are for a unique experience then look no further.

Let’s explore the Looking Glass.

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How to get there?

It takes some effort to get to this Kentucky treehouse rental. This amazing Red River Gorge treehouse is located in Stanton, KY. It’s 20 minutes apart from the city and 45 minutes away from Lexington, KY.


Parking is provided on-site. Kentucky treehouse rental has its own parking. This is no exception for The Looking Glass treehouse at Red River Gorge.

Treehouse surrounding

Image source – RRG Cabin

A lovely firepit is located at the bottom of the property, on the left side of the entrance path. A grill and some lovely wooden benches make attendance. Perfect outdoor spot and great for enjoying the lovely surrounding. Especially at night.

Bathroom and toilet

The bathroom and shower are in the small cabin at the base of the rental. It is on the right. On the opposite side of the fireplace. There are two sinks on both sides of the cabin, a round mirror, towels, a toilet unit, and a shower. It is very simple and practical to use with no fancy elements.

The path to The Looking Glass treehouse

Image source – RRG Cabin

You pass the bathroom pod and firepit and get to the staircase. Now, this section is not for the fainthearted. The long staircase is very steep. It can be quite a challenge for those who have height issues. Just bear that in mind. The bridge and stairs are all connected in one element.

Once you pass the long staircase, you get to a small deck surrounding a tall tree. You continue on a wooden path and get to the land pathway. After a small walk, you get to the first pod of this Red River Gorge treehouse.

Small stairs and you are at the entrance of this lovely Kentucky treehouse rental.

Treehouse rental – Pod 1

The first time you open the door is quite an unusual experience for you. The door is leaned and a wooden counterweight helps open and close it.

The living room is spacious and interesting.

Kentucky treehouse rental - table
Image source – RRG Cabin

There is a wooden table and benches on the right. It’s the area where you hang out most of your time. It kinda blends in with the surroundings. The area around the table has plenty of light thanks to the big windows.

Image source – RRG Cabin

Next to it, there is a spacious but minimalist kitchen with a wood slab countertop and sink.

This treehouse rental has hot water, electricity, a stow top, and drinkable water. Utensils are provided and a tiny fridge is tucked underneath the wooden countertop. A small bench with 2 chairs makes it a perfect combo for dining. 

The center part wrapping the tree is sealed with windows. It is a lovely idea to be able to see the tree that is the foundation for this treehouse.

Treehouse rental – Pod 2

Getting outside again on a small bridge towards the second pod of the treehouse. 

The next part of the Kentucky treehouse rental is a little bit higher than the previous. It kind of mimics a tower in a sense. At the bottom of it are a lovely deck with a couple of benches. The hatch is the entrance to the second pod. The only way to get in is with the ladder.

Red River Gorge Treehouse - The Looking Glass - bedrom
Image source – RRG Cabin

Once inside you find plenty of space and two big comfy beds. Nice wooden flooring and cushion sitting area. The whole space is very bright and vivid thanks to the big windows. The interesting detail is in the hammocks. Two detachable hammocks are a great amenity for relaxing. Nevertheless a great Red River Gorge treehouse experience.

Each of the treehouse segments has thair separate AC and heating units. All the pods offer some great panoramic views. The treehouse rental can accommodate a max of 5 guests.

The mirror is the main element embedded in the treehouses

Great craftsmanship with a lovely light wooden finish.


The pricing for this type of treehouse rental is $285. It is quite an extraordinary experience and the price is adequate. However, the owners have the right to change the pricing and conditions of use. Make sure to check with them before making any kind of reservation.

Should you consider it?

Absolutely. This Red River Gorge treehouse has some unique amenities and experiences to offer. It can accommodate up to 5 people and has a unique structure to admire. The surrounding is magical and offers great scenic views. All and all, a great Kentucky treehouse rental. 

To find out more about this treehouse in Kentucky make sure to visit RRG Cabin – The Looking Glass. For more treehouse-related content, take a look at the latest post on Treehouse Secret.

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