Chateau Treehouse Utopia – A Treehouse Castle In The Sky

Chateau Treehouse Utopia is lavish, luxurious, and spacious. Known for its builder Pete Nelson. VIsited for its specious deck, comfortable salon, and majestic bathroom. This treehouse cabin is a pure masterpiece. A luxury treehouse in the sky.

Follow along and see why this is a must-visit Texas treehouse cabin.

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How to get to Chateau Treehouse Utopia?

Only 1 hour and 30 minutes from San Antonio, TX. 2 hours and 50 minutes from Austin is the perfect Texas treehouse cabin.


There is parking on-site. 

Access Points to Chateau Treehouse Utopia

The treehouse offers 2 options for entering the premiss. 

The first one is the staircase from the forest floor. Comfortable stairs and a small deck wrapped around a lovely cypress giant.

The second is the bridge. Lovely long wooden bridge crossing from the hilltop to the deck.

The deck

Chateau Treehouse Utopia - Dining
Image source: Treehouse Utopia

The lovely treehouse deck is where both of the access points meet. It is a state-of-the-art 400 squares of outdoor area. Comfortable sitting space for relaxing and stargazing. 

People who will get most excited are the birdwatchers.

The deck is a great spot for birdwatching. Perfect for enthusiasts and people who love birds. 

Grand Salon

Chateau Treehouse Utopia - Salon
Image source: Treehouse Utopia

Enter the treehouse and the first thing you see is the grand salon. Lovely sitting area on the left with a comfy leather sofa and a wooden chair. Huge windows, lovely embroidery, and beautiful chandeliers with bright vivid lighting. A lovely design pleasant for the eye. 

Small deck

Pass the salon and on the right, there is and door leading to the small deck. Superb place to enjoy your morning coffee, listen to the water and relax. 

Dining Area

Chateau Treehouse Utopia - Dining
Image source: Treehouse Utopia

Opposite the entrance is the dining area. A table with 2 chairs and stained glass windows creates a perfect castle feel. A lovely mirror for aesthetics and big windows facing one of the foundation trees.


Chateau Treehouse Utopia - bathroom
Image source: Treehouse Utopia

Next to the dining area is the most amazing part of this Texas treehouse cabin. 

Get ready for the best part of this treehouse journey. The amazing bathroom. It is the best part of this Texas treehouse cabin.

A small toilet area on the left. Simple but practical. Moving forward is the shower. Spacious tiled shower with glass doors. The most spacious shower area ever integrated into a treehouse. Wooden slab countertop and hand-crafted pottery sink with gorgeous peacock designs. And the crown jewel of the amazing bathroom is the lovely bathtub.


Chateau Treehouse Utopia - Bedroom
Image source: Treehouse Utopia

Spiral stairs lead you to the second floor and guide you to the bedroom area. Of all the Utopia treehouses this is the only treehouse that offers a king-size bed. White wooden tables with drawers and 2 lovely lamps make the bedroom dazzle. On the other side is a lovely sitting area with 2 chairs on the sides.

For last, an electric fireplace and air conditioner. They awake the warm feelings for this treehouse in you.

Treehouse Terms and Conditions

This Texas treehouse cabin can accommodate 2 people. 

Pet lovers will be disappointed since pets are not allowed. 

Children under 18 are also excluded. 

There is no option for extra guests.

Smoking is prohibited.

The biggest downside is the lack of a kitchen area.


This amazing rental costs $475 per night. Spacious treehouse with plush salon and enjoyable dining area. Comfortable bedroom with king-size bed and the best bathroom ever. This great Texas treehouse cabin is heeding your call.

In summary, It is an amazing treehouse rental.

Should you consider it?

Yes. If you are an experienced treehouse explorer and you want a luxurious experience. There are too many luxuries packed in one place to ignore. An amazing deck, lovely bedroom, and state-of-the-art shower and bathtub.

I would say no If you are a novice treehouser or family with a friendly budget. There are plenty of affordable treehouse cabins you can start with. Go from there and as you progress take Chateau Treehouse Utopia into consideration.

Make sure to visit Chateau Utopia treehouse. For treehouse-related content, check the latest posts on Treehouse Secret.

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