Amazing Treehouse Rentals In Texas – The Breathtaking Leaf

One of the best luxury and glam treehouse rentals in Texas. Pleasant blue green mix exterior with flamboyant string lights. Bright and calm living room with lavish bedroom and ornament decored kitchen. Gorgeous bathroom with a modern feel and welcoming shower area. Outdoor bathtub, hammocks, and firepit for pure enjoyment. 

Without a doubt, pure luxury treehouse heaven. The perfect couples treehouse getaway.

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Treehouse rentals in Texas - The breathtaking Leaf
Image source: Honey Tree FBG


10 minutes from Fredericksburg, TX, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Austin, TX. The tree house is easy to find and access. Making it a perfect destination for your treehouse adventure.


Let’s start with the parking. The Leaf treehouse cabin has its own parking lot. Walking distance and close proximity are the words defining the span. Knowing that you are a couple of steps away from your Texas treehouse journey is a great feature.


Getting on a dirt pathway and continuing on a wooden panel walkway. You raise your view and there the magnificent treehouse stands. Unusual architectural design with interesting details. Completed with lovely trees and calm surroundings.

First impressions

A mix of calming wooden pale brown and dark blue tints spiced with vivid string lights.

Clean, neat, simple, and bright. A pure example of what treehouse rentals in Texas have to offer.

This amazing tree house is staged on 3 separate levels. The ground level is mainly an outdoor recreational area. Tiny coffee table, 2 chairs, hammock, and lovely bench. Great place to enjoy your morning coffee or simply relax.

Spiral stairs lead you to the next level. The middle floor is the living area.

Peace and serenity are the first words that come to mind. Reflection of a calm treehouse retreat.

Living space

Luxury treehouse rentals in Texas - The breathtaking Leaf
Luxury treehouse rentals in Texas - The Leaf
Image source: Honey Tree FBG

The living room is very bright and calm. A comfortable and lavish bedroom fills up the space. Lamps on both sides with tiny string light on the top of it. With their gentle glow and a nice feel, they create a lovely ambiance in this treehouse cabin.

The area in front of the round window is the most unique part of this treehouse. The bed is comfortable and enjoyable. Perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or just observing the outside. Or simply enjoy the presence of nature and the lovely trees.

Kitchen with wooden ornaments

Luxury treehouse rentals in Texas - The Leaf
Image source: Honey Tree FBG

lovely wooden kitchen decor and white marble countertop. Square sink and bushed metal tap.

Small fridge, electric kettle, tiny square shelves, and useful utensils. Bright area thanks to the compact window in the middle of the kitchen.

On top of it, is the glamorous lighting. Wrapped around wooden brunches giving detail and functionality. 


The bathroom is gorgeous. Starting from the left you have the amazing shower area.

The arched entrance and lovely square white tiles fulfill the shower. Modern tiny sink on top of the thick wooden slab. rectangular mirror on top and towels underneath it. Toilet on the right.

Upper Deck

Luxury treehouse rentals in Texas - The Leaf
Image source: Honey Tree FBG

Awake your inner peace.

This is something that most treehouse rentals in Texas should have. Personal space for pure enjoyment and relaxation. The outdoor Bathtub is designed to give you the perfect luxury treehouse feel. Crafty star-shaped tiled flooring in a blue tint. Multiple bright lights on top.

Cozy bed and hammock for an amazing outdoor vibe. And the fireplace just heats up the positive vibe.

The best time to enjoy what this luxury treehouse has to offer is the sunset. As the lights turn on, the magical show appears on the horizon. 

Simply breathtaking.


This cabin represents the best treehouse rentals in Texas. It is pure luxury and enjoyment. As a result, the pricing for this tree house rental is on the higher end. At $595 this journey ain’t cheap. This can be an obstacle in many cases but it’s definitely worth the experience.

Make sure to check out with the owners before making any kind of reservation.

Should you consider it?

It depends on your budget. The price justifies the luxury and value you get. However, it is pricy. If you want to explore budget-friendly options at first then this is a journey to be. 

If you are short on time, funds are not an issue and you want an exceptional experience then The Leaf is for you.

Get ready for your next tree house trip. Visit Honey Tree FBG if you want to make a reservation or find more info. For more treehouse rentals in Texas and fresh treehouse content visit Treehouse Secret.

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