The Majestic Treehouse – Best of Bolt Farm Treehouse

The Majestic Treehouse is retro-outfitted and decored luxury toped with chandeliers. Bright living room equipped with antique baroque style furniture and retro amenities. An outdoor swing bed and a two-floor area designed to make your stay amazing and your views unforgettable. And out in the open, secluded, and close to nature refreshing shower area. 

Great for couples and Romantique getaways, this Bolt Farm Treehouse is a pure luxury and style.

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Location – The Majestic Treehouse South Carolina?

Located south of Walhalla, SC in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an abundance of mystique forest and natural beauty. Surrounded by a blend of pristine woodland calming gardens and pleasant walking trails. The Majestic treehouse is the perfect spot for a Romantique treehouse getaway surrounded by natural sounds, and a tranquil forest.

The right location is only provided after a booking is made.

First impression

The Majestic Treehouse - Bolt farm Treehouse Outdoor
Image source: Morning Wild Photography

Rustic treehouse with a pleasant feel and look. Feels like a fantasy house.

The Majestic treehouse is comprised of a treehouse cabin, two levels of outdoor deck, and an outdoor shower. A suspension bridge connects the treehouse cabin and the outdoor two-floor deck structure.

On the base under the treehouse, there is a spacious deck with a swing bed and chandelier. 

The string lights bring magic to the air and make this Bolt Farm treehouse unique and special.

The Majestic Treehouse

The first thing that greets you is the rustic entrance door. And once you enter you spot all the amazing elements comprising this rustic treehouse.

Dark mahogany-colored flooring. Baroque ceiling decor elements with a brilliant crystal chandelier. On top of that, a lovely roof window with plenty of skylights.

Wooden table and a couple of chairs on the right.

The Majestic Treehouse - Bedroom
Image source: Morning Wild Photography

Rustic old Baroque style, light blue bed with lots of design elements. Spacious luxury comfortable mattress. Baroque-styled sofa in front of the bed.

Magnificent view filtered through the window mosaic. It gives a unique touch to the Bolt Farm treehouse and provides a stream of light. The Majestic Treehouse is immensely bright thanks to this lovely feature. This gives it a unique style and bright lush experience.

At the base of the window area, is a lovely fireplace to keep you cozy.

An antique chest filled with board games for the puzzled mind. A brilliant idea for unplugging and spending precious time with a loved one.

Opposite the entrance, a door leads to a lovely backside deck with a hammock on it. Suited for relaxing and a morning coffee.

The Majestic Treehouse - Bolt farm Treehouse
Image source: airbnb

On the left of the entrance is the minimalist kitchen area. A couple of drawers space, a tiny fridge, and a retro coffee maker.

Next to the bed is the retro record player.

Bathroom at The Majestic treehouse South Carolina

The bathroom area is small with just a toilet, sink, and a mirror. The ceiling is decored and comes with a lovely chandelier as in the living room.

Outdoor Deck / Dining Area

The Majestic Treehouse - Bolt farm Treehouse
Image source: airbnb

The suspension bridge leads to the outdoor two-floor deck/dining area.

The outdoor deck and dining area are equipped with a table, chairs, grill, sink, and pizza oven. The top deck offers some great views and options to relax.

Outdoor Shower – Walhalla treehouse

The Majestic Treehouse - Bolt Farm treehouse Shower
Image source: airbnb

A small distance from the treehouse and you find the shower. Secluded from the treehouse and made out of wood pallets. It’s not a practical approach, considering wintertime can be quite a challenge. But, nevertheless, it’s a unique and memorable experience.


Rates are variable. They are based per night and a 2 nights minimum is applied. You need to check with Bolt Farm before making any kind of reservation.

This rustic treehouse is great value for the money. With a 5-star review, plenty of amenities, and a unique retro feel this treehouse cabin is must visit.

House rules and things to know

Before booking this treehouse rental there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • The cabin is not suitable for children and infants
  • No smoking is allowed
  • No pets are allowed
  • No parties or events also

Should you consider it?

Absolutely. It is one of the best treehouse rentals in South Carolina. Luxury and style packed with retro features and a unique treehouse experience. Of all the treehouse rentals in South Carolina, this one is a must-visit.

Check out The Majestic Treehouse to find out more about this luxury retreat. For more treehouse cabins and related content check Treehouse Secret.

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