Boulder Ridge Treehouse – The Best Treehouse Rental in Wisconsin

Boulder Ridge treehouse rental in Wisconsin is a great competitor in the treehouse field. And this treehouse matches all the expectations. Vivid gentle living area, functional kitchen, magical environment, and flawless first-class service.

The ideal Wisconsin treehouse getaway.

Let’s explore this heavenly treehouse retreat.

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Treehouse Rental in Wisconsin – Boulder Ridge location

As part of treehouse rentals in Wisconsin, Boulder Ridge Treehouse takes the top place. 

It’s located a couple of miles north of Bayfield, WI, Apostle Island area. Modern yet simple, this treehouse retreat provides an alternative travel adventure.

This treehouse masterpiece was built to connect you with nature without losing comfort. It has a handful of amenities and it’s year-round open for treehouse lovers. It brings all the best of treehouse rentals in Wisconsin have to offer.


Like most of the tree house rentals, Boulder Ridge offers free parking on their property. 

Treehouse outdoor and deck

Boulder Ridge Treehouse - Deck
Image source: Boulder Ridge Treehouse

This secluded treehouse retreat provides a calm environment and great tree sight. The selected colors match and blend with the natural surrounding.

The foundation provides some sitting space and gravel pavement. You take the stairs and get to the lovely deck area. The sizeable deck is ideal for outdoor interaction. A couple of sky-high trees make space through it and give a lovely feel. You continue on to a smaller section with sitting options. Here you find the entrance to the treehouse rental.

Living space

Boulder Ridge Treehouse - Living Space
Image source: Boulder Ridge Treehouse

Enter the premise to find a pure wooden cabin feel. Wooden flooring and bright living space. Small table with a couple of chairs, TV, and a lovely fireplace. Opposite the TV is a comfortable leather couch.


Boulder Ridge Treehouse - Kitchen
Image source: Boulder Ridge Treehouse

The kitchen area is unique and natural. Wooden slab countertop with natural lines and shapes from end to end. Plenty of utensils, a microwave, and a small fridge on the right. A lovely sink and metallic tap on the left. The only downside is the lack of a stove.

As for a treehouse kitchen, it is spacious, equipped, and blends in with the natural feel of the interior. A nice complete set.


Next to the kitchen is the bathroom space. Toilet, and shower area with pale brown tiles and a wooden slab for a lovely decor. Neat and functional treehouse bathroom.


Boulder Ridge Treehouse - Stairs
Boulder Ridge Treehouse - Bedroom
Image source: Boulder Ridge Treehouse

The hand-crafted stairs on the left of the entrance lead to the second floor. Here you find a unique loft bedroom. With 2 beds on opposite sides and a lovely bridge connecting them.

The right side of the bedroom has a small couch and 3 big windows.

The left bedroom side has 2 rocking chairs and a cabinet with drawers.

What is so amazing about this Wisconsin treehouse rental is the unique tree elements integrated into the space. Imperfect wooden branches give a unique feel to the treehouse cabin.

A perfect symphony of wooden elements, pleasant colors, and open space.


The price for this Wisconsin treehouse rental ranges from $299 – $349 per night.  It varies based on the number of people it accommodates. The maximum amount is 4 guests. Magical treehouse at a competitive price. Nothing is more satisfying than a treehouse experience on the next level.

Plz, note that prices change from time to time. It is good advice to check with the owners before booking this lovely treehouse cabin.

Should you visit Boulder Ridge Treehouse Wisconsin?

100% yes. It is a unique Wisconsin treehouse getaway with impeccable quality service. Great deck, bright calming living space, practical kitchen, loft bedroom, and 5-star rated user experience. There is nothing more to ask than a luxury treehouse at reasonable pricing.

This is the number 1, must-visit treehouse from all treehouse rentals in Wisconsin.

To find more info about this treehouse fairytale, visit Boulder Ridge Treehouse. For more treehouse-related content check the latest posts on Treehouse Secret.

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